in English, we were told to write a memoir. I chose to write about the day my parents got divorced. I chose this topic because I think I moulded myself as a person into who I am today. it was the saddest day of my life. this thought me that reality is sad and at that time I was really sad it was a dark time for me. but I was able to bounce back. I think that you can learn that things happen and you can’t control them but if you are able to cope and expect the situation then you will be okay. here is my memoir



 I never thought it would turn out like this

My parents never had a good relationship but I never thought it would turn out like this. Back when I was 5 years old, my mom and dad had a big fight. My sister and I went to our grandparent’s house for four days. I had a plan for my parent’s divorce, they would live in an apartment so I could see them at the same time. How naive I was. When my brother was born my parents said that my dad could not sleep with the noise of the baby and my mom said that she could not sleep with the noise of my dad snoring. This was not true, my dad and mom just needed to sleep without each other. So for the rest of the time, they were together, they never slept in the same room again.

 I woke up late, like 7:30 or 8:00 and went downstairs. It was silent. I went back upstairs and I heard talking from my mom’s room. I bust into the room. I could feel the hopelessness in the air, even taste it. My parents stop talking. I asked what they were talking about. They said nothing, I said ok. I knew they were lying. I could see the sorrow in my parent’s eyes. 

That morning was bad and I made myself an egg, it tasted like nothing. I went upstairs and spent three hours playing on my Xbox. My brother and I went out to the park near our house, it was empty. The rest of the day was a blur but I do remember the end of the day. I was in my room and I heard my mom call me down because my mom and dad had to tell me something. I came down and sat on the couch with my siblings. My mom and dad were sitting on chairs across from the couch. My brother, sister, and I were scared because the only other time that my parents had called us all down to have this kind of talk was when we all moved and so we thought that it was going to be something like that, something big. And it was.

My mom said, “your father and I are getting a divorce”. Then my dad said, “so this means that we will be living in different houses”,  “I will be moving out of the house in three weeks”. And they said that he would be moving somewhere close. And then they said, “we will be friends and we will not fight”. Another lie. Then they asked “do you guys have any questions?” I said “yes, how long will it be?” And they said “forever”. Because before they had gotten into fights and one of them had left so I thought that’s what it was. And then my sister asked “what house will we be staying at?” They said, “You will be staying at both, we haven’t figured out the details yet but it will probably be on a week-to-week basis”. 


And then my brother, who was four at the time, asked What does a divorce mean? My mom said “It’s when two people who have been married for a long time don’t feel happy together so they decide not to be together anymore. That is what your dad and I decided. We have been talking this over for a long time. We thought that if we moved there might be less stress but that wasn’t the case. We talked it over and we are getting a divorce”. And then my brother said ok. Then they said, “ok we’re going to talk to you privately so if you have any questions”. So my mom went with Zachary and I went with my dad. We talked it over and he said “that your mother and I aren’t feeling happy. A lot is going to change. If you ever need to talk just ask me and then my mom came in and my dad went to my brother’s room”. My mom asked me “Hey are you ok?” And I said yes even though I wasn’t. And then I went to bed and when I woke up the next morning I was happy and then I remembered Oh yeah, my parents are getting a divorce.

my dream vaca

In English, Mr wash told us to draw and then write about our dream vacation. I chose the amazon rain forest. The reason we did this is to integrate sensory language into our writing. The reason it’s important is to engage the reader make them feel like they are there. Now close your eyes and listen to the story of my first day in the amazon.

I get up in the early morning of my first day in the Amazon. I go to the stovetop and make myself some tea and eggs. I burst outside and suddenly smell the crisp fresh air. I hear the birds chirping and the monkeys wrestling in the trees. I sit down and I see the beautiful sunrise over the trees. The majestic sunrise was pink and yellow. I think of what I want to do today and I decide to go for a hike.


  On my walk, I see a humongous snake so I leave it alone and hike away.  After my stroll, I sit on the deck chair to relax and read a book. After a while, a monkey comes down and steals my plate so I laugh. She looked at it and then she throws it. I want to go for a swim so I go to the river. I see some beautiful fish. They’re black, purple and blue. I take a short swim, the water feels refreshing and cool. It’s not too deep but not too shallow, I love it. After I decide to climb a tree so I can see the whole rainforest, it’s breathtaking. I touch a tree just to see how it feels. It feels bumpy and scratched, like thousands of birds have scratched it before me. I love it here I can’t wait for tomorrow.

here is the pitcher


here is the drawing   

my winter braek

Winter break was weird this year because you know THE GLOBAL PANDEMIC.  Here in Ontario, we are in lockdown so on winter break everything was closed. So we had to think of things to do. I played a LOT(millions of hours) of Minecraft and Fortnite on my Xbox.

I also got snowshoes. every day I went for a lllllooooooooonnnnnnggggggg walk all over the place on the trail of mud lake 6 TIMES.  a trail near my house. My family and I played a lot of board games such as Monopoly (I won every game).  At the beginning of the break, I and my mom and brother went to the Diefenbunker. It was the size of a mountain. We got a tour and since nobody was there. we got a private tour. It was like the ’60s (this was before the lockdown).  

equity and equality

we made a project on equity and equality. I was partnered with Miggy (his blog will be at the bottom of the post). I really liked this project because we got to express our creativity. we made an Imovie with 3 examples. I learned that in some countries the rich get to tax the same amount as the poor. but in some countries, the rich are tax more than the poor.

here is my video


here is Miggy’s blog


egg head

This is not the artifact that I chose. Originally I had picked the trailer artifact but I lost all the videos for said trailer. I had to restart and only had five days to do it. The reason I chose the song artifact is because I thought that it would be the easiest out of all the choices. It turned out to be one of the most difficult. It was a misjudgment on my part. It connects to the book because if they made a movie I think that these songs should be the soundtrack. Bullying and sadness are themes in both the book and the songs that I chose.

The reason that I chose the first quote was because it was talking about love and friendship. The mix-up of those two things can ruin a relationship. The reason that I chose the second quote is because it is talking about how Will isn’t that different from the other kids even though the bullies say that he is.

If I was going through this process again, I would have prepared multiple songs and asked people if they thought they correlated with Egghead. I also would have spent more time on the writing. I learned that time management is very important. Making sure you have all the material to make your finished product is very important. I need to work on managing my time.


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Treacher Collins Syndrome

Treacher Collins Syndrome


Treacher Collins syndrome is a facial disorder. It affects the development of bones and tissues of the face. It is a genetic disorder carid by a family member who is not affected by it. You are born with Treacher Collins syndrome. Treacher Collins syndrome affects an estimate of 1 in 50,00. Most of the people with Treacher Collins syndrome have underdeveloped chin and jawbones. In some cases, Treacher Collins syndrome affects hiring causes deafness or the need for hearing aids.  In most cases, someone with Treacher Collins syndrome has slanted eyes, Sparse eyelashes, and a notch in their lower eyelids. In the book Wonder, the main character is a boy with Treacher Collins syndrome he had 27 surgeries. treacher collins syndrome was discovered by an English Surgeon named Edward Treacher Collins. There is no cure but surgeries make a huge difference. Treacher collins syndrome is not a disorder it is a facial defect. It was named after it’s founder Edward Treacher Collins. 



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